Frequently Asked Questions

Why does AlEn require that inventors and suppliers provide certain information that might be consider private, such as phone number and address?

AlEn uses this information for the sole purpose of documenting your idea/proposal or if needed, to communicate with you. None of your submitted information is shared with third parties, unless authorized by you.

How is the evaluation process for a proposal or innovative solution?

Once you've submitted your proposal, one of our AlEn Ideas representatives will make sure that all of your information is complete and will forward your proposal to the area who is best suited to review it.

Why can't Inventors and Suppliers submit information marked as confidential?

AlEn may already be working on similar ideas to yours, and we don't want to take possession of information which may prejudice any of your intellectual property rights, protecting at the same time AlEn's rights.

If your innovation proposal is accepted by AlEn Industries, how much money will AlEn pay you for it?

The amount of the compensation will be determined for each case. There is no compensation for the suggestions and needs section.

How long does it take to review a proposal or a innovative solution?

We carry thorough test to evaluate your proposal and this takes a considerable amount of time. We need to consider the existing work in the relevant area. Once we conclude our analysis, we will publish the result on your profile.

I'm a current AlEn supplier. Should I submit my innovation proposal through AlEn Ideas, or through your my contact at AlEn?

Please submit your proposal through this site.

Where could I get more information about your brands and AlEn Industries?

You can get additional information about our products and about AlEn industries in the following links:,,,,

What is the difference between an innovative idea and an innovative solution?

An innovative idea is a new product idea, a suggestion for improving packaging, or the performance of a current AlEn products. An Innovative Solution may be a new product that’s partially or fully developed and could be ready to launch quickly; or a patented technology for surfactants, solvents, fragrances, packaging or processing.