In AlEn we are always looking for ways for our products to perform better and be more profitable, therefore we are in constant search of new ideas and innovative solutions that exceed the requirements of our clients and consumers. This is why we have created this space where you can share your inventions, ideas or participate in our innovation challenges with the possibility of creating a business relationship with AlEn and see your proposal in the hands of millions of consumers.


In order for you to share your innovative solution you must create an username, which will allow you to check the status of your proposal. Once you have sent it, an AlEn collaborator will make sure that your proposal has all the basic information (contact information and a clear description of your proposal).

When we have confirmed that your information is complete, your proposal will be sent to the corresponding area, according to the topic you selected (product formula, packaging, manufacturing process or marketing) where a group of experts, after an extensive analysis, will determine if your proposal meets AlEn's interest. It is important that you consider that after we have received your proposal, the evaluation time is approximately of 4 months.

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First of all you need to create an username for you or your company, and once your information is confirmed, we will upload it into our AlEn Ideas database, so that you can be considered to participate in the challenges AlEn has for you. Once one of our collaborators publishes a challenge that meets your type of company or area of expertise, we will notify you via e-mail so you log on to and learn more.

On your profile you will be able to read a short description of the challenge and if you choose to, confirm your participation. Due to the advanced technical development that a challenge typically requires, you won´t have a deadline to send us your proposal. Once we receive your proposal a team of experts will determine if it complies with our requested requirements. Please take in consideration that the internal evaluation time of your proposal is approximately 4 months.

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It has a similar procedure to a developmental challenge, since you must register in order to be able to participate, once we have confirmed your contact information we will upload it to the AlEn Ideas database. When a brief applies to your type of company or area of expertise, we will notify you via e- mail so you can log in and find out what the brief is about.

If you decide to participate, you will have a deadline to send us your proposal. Once you have sent us your proposal, it will go through a team of experts who will choose the best solution to the requirement. It is important that you consider that both the deadline and the evaluation time will be determined for each case.

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In case your proposal is of AlEn's interest, we will contact you as soon as possible to start the negotiation process.

It is important to make clear that AlEn has no responsibility to offer economic compensations for those ideas sent to us but not selected.

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