This space is dedicated to you, so you can share with us your ideas about new uses that you have found for cleaning products or what we can do to improve our products, so they can meet your needs and make the task of cleaning your house a lot easier for you.


You need to send a concise and clear description of your idea, where you may include topics related to:

  • Promotions (Ei. Coupons)
  • Cleaning needs (Ei. A stain that you can't get rid off)
  • Uses of our products (Ei. Use Pinalen to remove greasy stains from clothes)
  • Suggestions (Ei. Add lemon extract to eliminate bad odors)
  • Or wherever your imagination may take you...

Then, your idea will be evaluated by a team of AlEn experts, and if your idea is feasible they will look for a way to implement it, or search for a solution that solves your cleaning problem. In some cases, your idea can actually take us all the way to develop a new product that you might soon find in your retail store.