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  • Cloralex in Mexico

    Cloralex in Mexico

    Cloralex is a bleach for laundry and household surfaces with the highest sales in Mexico*, which for over 60 years has helped families to whiten and remove stains and also, in the cleaning and disinfection of their homes. For more information go to: www.cloralex.com.mx (Site content in Spanish).
    * Based on quantitative market studies of bleach category.

  • Pinol


    Pinol is a multipurpose cleaner with the power of pine oil, it has over 1122 proven uses. It is the expert when it comes to cleaning of your house and clothes. To learn more about Pinol's family products go to: www.pinol.com.mx (Site content in Spanish)

  • Ensueño


    Ensueño is developed under the highest standards of quality.  Its formula protects the color of clothes helping maintain their look new for longer. Visit www.ensueno.com (Site in English) or www.ensueno.com.mx (Site in Spanish) to learn more about its delightful aromas.

  • Flash


    Multipurpose cleaner that leaves your floors, kitchen and bathrooms with a pleasant scent and shine. Available in 3 aromas.

  • Eficaz


    Eficaz is a liquid dishwasher formulated to degrease and eliminate bad odors, leaving your dishes sparkling.

  • Cloraluz


    Cloraluz is the bleach that disinfects, whitens and cleans at an affordable price.

  • Blancatel


    Blancatel is a bleach with great performance for removing stains and whitening clothes, plus it disinfects all the surfaces of the house.

  • Sultán


    Grime remover that helps on the tough jobs of household cleaning. It is great for removing lime scale, rust and cement.

  • Practy-pi


    Practy-pi is a comfortable, practical and hygienic portable device that allows women to pee standing up.

  • Pinalen


    It's a multipurpose liquid cleaner enhanced with pine oil that disinfects*, cleans, deodorizes and removes stains all in one. With Pinalen you don't need to buy any other individual product.

  • Xtra Pine

    Xtra Pine

    Xtra-Pine is an all purpose house hold cleaner great for every day cleaning or really dirty jobs.

  • Pine O Pine

    Pine O Pine

    Pine O Pine has a wide range of uses, from kitchen to bathroom, from floors to walls. It is made of natural pine oil, not as other pine cleaners made from refined sulfated turpentine and paper bi-products, thus causing a strong sometimes unpleasant smell.

  • Festival


    Festival is the aromatic all purpose liquid cleaner that offers scintillating aromas that stimulate your senses. Ideal for daily cleaning all around your home with a wide variety of applications.