What is AlEn Ideas?

AlEn Ideas was created to connect AlEn Industries in a dynamic way with inventors, researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers and global companies, that are interested in becoming our partners and external collaborators and by doing so, enrich the innovation of our products and business, that traditionally has originated only from internal research of our company.

We have crossed frontiers with the trade and distribution of our products and now... We want to bring knowledge and development from all over the world to: Technology, Packaging, Research Methods, engineering processes and market models, among others.

We desire to establish a win-win relationship with you, we have an offer for your innovation and we are convinced that together we can give more and better benefits to our consumers, for whom we have also created a special space in this website, to get closer to them who are looking for cleanliness and well being in their homes and this way get to better know their needs and ideas, with the sole purpose of understanding how to satisfy them in the best way.


Director of Consumer Innovation
AlEn Industries